About Paros. Eri Hotel in Paros

One of the most popular and beautiful islands of Greece, Paros is located in the centre of the Aegean Sea. With traditional architecture, amazing beaches and lively nightlife, Paros charms visitors from the first sight. The capital and main port of the island is Parikia, a lovely place that spreads around a bay. On the northern side of Paros, there is the beautiful village of Naoussa, with picturesque architecture and a small port lined by fish taverns, cafeterias and bars.

Apart from the traditional architecture, Paros island is also famous for its numerous beaches that can satisfy all tastes. Visitors will find popular beaches with vigorous beach bars, like Pounta, excellent windsurfing spots, like Golden beach and New Golden beach, coves surrounded by natural beauty, like Monastiri and Kolymbithres as well as numerous secluded bays to enjoy some peace and privacy.

Paros is easy to access by ferry from Athens and other Greek islands. Also many internal flights from Athens and charter flights from abroad land in the airport of Paros. Public buses connect Parikia to all villages and beaches around the island.

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